Rammstein is a powerful German dance/industrio-metal music band. They describe themselves as "tanzmetal", meaning dance/metal. This is very true, but a little misleading. Since dance is only a small element of their work.

Rammstein was formed in 1993 by an assembly of factory-weary proletarians raised in East Germany. They took their name (adding an "m") from the location of a German tragedy where 80 people were hurt and killed as the result of a crash during an American Air Force flight show. The literal translation of "ram stein" is a battering ram made of stone.

Word of Rammstein's horror romanticist blend of theatre and music spread like wildfire. Till Lindemann would sing entire songs engulfed in flame from head to toe. The band's first album, Herzeleid (or Heartache), built on the grounds created by the band's live reputation. Scaling the German charts (and remaining there until the release of the second Rammstein LP some two years later), the album also introduced the band to the world outside of the Germany/Switzerland/Austria region. As Rammstein's second album, Sehnsucht (Longing), was released, the band was headlining throughout Europe to crowds of 10,000 to 30,000 people. Sehnsucht entered the German charts at number one immediately upon its release, and came very close to doing to the same in Austria and Switzerland.

Within weeks, entries on other countries' charts had Sehnsucht rubbing elbows with Prodigy, Radiohead, and the Rolling Stones on Billboard's cumulative Eurochart. From there the fever spread, transcending any perceived language barrier. Somehow, the German language is integral to the Rammstein sound.

Till Lindemann
D.O.B: January 4, 1964
Place of Birth: Leipzig, Germany
First Band: First Arsch
Place in Rammstein: Vocals
Grew up in a small village called Wendisch-Rambow. Smokes and drinks. Divorced, but has two children, both girls, one age 15, the other 5. His first band was First Arsch, and was the drummer. His father died, but Till has never seen his grave. Lives in a flat in Berlin. Hates pop music. Has a fish for a pet. Till was not an Olympic swimmer due to a torn stomach muscle in 1988, but was a youth champion. First band was First Arsch, as a drummer.

Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein
D.O.B: June 24, 1967
Place of Birth: Wittemburg, Germany
First Band: Orgasm Death Gimmick
Place in Rammstein: Guitar
Played in his old band Orgasm Death Gimmick. Divorced but re-married to actress Caren Bernstein on October 29th, 1999. One daughter, Khira Li Lindemann. No, she's not related to Till Lindemann. Lindemann was the last name of Richard's first wife, who was also Till's first wife. Sven is his Christian name. Wrote the song Engel by himself. Did not get along well with his step-father. Loved Kiss when he was younger, but his step-father tore down his Kiss poster in his room and Richard put it back together and hung it back up. Very protective of his family. Smokes and drinks.

Paul H. Landers
D.O.B: December 9, 1964
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
First Band: Feeling B
Place in Rammstein: Guitar
Played in old band called Feeling B and Die Firma (Guitarist). Divorced, but has a girlfriend. One son named Emil. His small size is due to premature birth. Is fluent in Russian, but can not read or write it. He is eastern-European like Russian, Ukrainian, Belarussian, etc. Can play the piano and violen. The H. in his name stands for Henry.

Oliver Riedel
D.O.B: April 11, 1971
Place of Birth: Schwerin, Germany
First Band: The Inchtabokatables
Place in Rammstein: Bass
Played in old band "The Inchtabokatables" (Bassist). Has a girlfriend, never married, no children. Both his brother and father have died. He likes to skate. Likes electronics. He's played bass for over 25 years. Is very fluent in English and German.

Christoph Schneider
D.O.B: May 11, 1966
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
First Band: Die Firma
Place in Rammstein: Drums
Played in old band, Die Firma. Divorced but is dating. Has a daughter, but no word on the name and age. He has quit smoking, but still drinks. He yells when he plays. Has served in the military. His Oma gave him his first set of drums.

Christian "Flake" Lorenz
D.O.B: November 6, 1966
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
First Band: Feeling B
Place in Rammstein: Keyboards
Played in old band, Feeling B (Keyboards). Divorced, but one daughter named Annie. Very serious offstage, very funny onstage. Likes to conduct interviews in German. Didn't like Rammstein at first (thought the band would be too boring...). Wanted to become a doctor.

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